Exalted: Dragon-Blooded the Devils Journey

Do not believe what THEY tell you.

History and Science are nothing but candy-coated lies of fearful old men who would make the world into a stark prison to protect us- or maybe themselves?- from the threat of freedom. THEY would tell you that the universe is a sterile void, and their truth and their law are the only truth and the only law.

Open your mind, and remember.

THEY would teach you that the time before now was a time of brutal chaos and bestial savagery, and that THEY saved us all from that, and taught us civilization.

THEY lie.

It was an Era of legend, when heroes walked the face of Creation, and were as unto Gods.

It was an Era before the World was broken to THEIR will.

It was an Era before the magic was lessened, a time before the spirits of men were bent to the yoke.

This is a story of that Era.

This is a story of the Exalted…

The evils of the Solars’ are so well recorded throughout Immaculate Philosophy that no retelling of their horrendous deeds of these most vile and hated of the Celestial Exalted needs recounting. The Realm as a whole has sworn to track all of these most carcinogenic of infernal souls. For centuries the Wyld Hunt was the embodiment of that vow, given the full support of the Empress herself they stood as the watchword against the evils of those vile demons. Five years ago during Calibration the Scarlet Empress entered the Imperial Manse and disappeared without a trace; her Dynasty quickly fell into disorder. The Wyld Hunt, who’s best days were already behind them, saw but a shadow of the support they had come to expect from the Realms hierarchy as the Dynastic Houses started to consolidate their power vying for greater influence of the now empty Scarlet Throne and positioning themselves to seize control.

Amidst this growing turmoil in the Realm and throughout Creation in general, the Solar Exalted – Anathema and self claimed god-kings of the First Age – were reborn in unprecedented numbers and swiftly began their rise to power. Even during this harsh time life in the Empresses Realm maintains the stability she crafted it for, though without her guiding hand it has begun to groan under the strain of maintaining itself. The unity that had defined the operations of the Realm under the Scarlet Empress has given way to the factionalism that she engendered into her government to prevent any usurpers. With the destruction of the Tepet legions, due mostly to the political squabbling that prevented them from receiving the support that could have saved them, at the hands of the now infamous anathema the Bull of the North the cracks in the structure of the Realm are beginning to show. Still even with these concerns in far off lands the people of the Blessed Isle know a peace and stability unmatched in the whole of creation. This is thanks, at least impart to the stability of the Dynastic Houses. The great families of the Realm are beacons of order and power, their very names synonyms with life in the Realm. While no one mistakes the Dynasts as being eternal, least of all the house themselves that know just how quickly their enemies can mobilize against them, the power each family wields and the natural superiority of there heads reassures each citizen of their place in this great state.

But soon their foul prescience shall be felt upon the holiest most stable lands in all of creation.

Searching out for that which has no presence, feeling for that which has no body, seeking to find that which can not be found – our heroes will stand in front of a storm of wickedness who’s path drags across creation. The Princes of Creation must root out an evil scourge who’s powers are legendary.

We will try to run Exalted every Wednesday, we aim for normal session hours from 6:30pm to 11:30pm, at the Tardis Room.

Anyone interested in role-playing games, the Storyteller System in general, or Exalted in particular is welcome we are currently accepting any new players.

Exalted: Dragon-Blooded the Devils Journey

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