House Rules


  • All current official errata will be used in Exalted: Dragon-Blooded – The Devils Journey. The errata PDF can be found here.


  • Craft (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Wood) are combined into Craft (Element). Any prerequisites or rolls needing replaced crafts use Craft (Element).

Bonus points for Journals and Excellent Role-play

Role-playing and journal bonuses are awarded in a number of ways including XP and BP bonuses.

Bonus Point Rewards
reward requirement
1 Create or find a Portrait for their character and post to Obsidian Portal.
1 Create a wiki article about your favorite part of creation.*
2 Create and post their character stats to Obsidian Portal.
2 Create a minimum 1 page, character background…preferably longer.
Experience Point Bonuses
reward requirement
1 Experience point will be awarded per journal entry on this website. This entry may be in the form of either In-Character or Out-of-Character perspective and should be around a page.
1 Experience point will be awarded per session based on the vote of the assembled party members this point can be based on whatever the party wants: good role play, memorable actions, best jokes, whatever the party members feel is most appropriate.
1 Experience point will be awarded by the GM per session based solely on his opinion of the MVP for the session, typically this decision is based upon the best role play or character growth for the session.
1 Lastly an experience point can be earned by agreeing to keep a journal of the events of the session and posting it to the Adventure Log section of obsidian portal.
Alternative Experience Expenditures
expenditure reward
X Interesting in game effects, this might be things to do with your character or subtle alterations to the universe; depending on what you want will depend on the price also how much you spend will determine how much of an effect we’re talking about. EG: “Evil guy’s plan to destroy the city is hampered” is your request. If you spend 2 points he might misplace the key he needs and be set back a day. If you spend more, the key might have been stolen by one of his enemies and replaced by a trapped version. You could also ask for other boons (a pet dog, a magic item, etc.)

*To qualify for this point you have to do both more and less work then the others. Firstly stub articles will get you nothing I expect at least a whole page in Word to count for this point. You can do multiple articles so long as the text averages out and it doesn’t have to be original, if your point of focus has canonical text feel free to “borrow” it. The point of this is to have you add and invest invest in the world. This will let me know as a GM the things which you or your character have an interest in, ideas for what should be included in the game, and allow my players to make minor alterations to the world… Come from a tiny back water duchy? Tell me about it. Your family fight in an ancient war? Make a couple of pages about major family members in the war and the politics behind it. Include what ever you want but have fun and be verbose.

House Rules

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