The City of Greyfalls was bestowed on the Realm in the year RY 88 after the third invasion of the River Province. It is the most distant territory under the direct control of the Scarlet Empire, located in eastern River Province, near the border with the Far East. Greyfalls city is the capital of a region, of the same name, which makes up the entire area between the Lesser and Greater Rock Rivers. This region was largely overlooked and brutally suppressed for hundreds of years, but for the last century has been in the hands of House Nellens. House Nellens has used the opportunity to invest a huge amount of capital into the region’s infrastructure, and in return Greyfalls has begun to grow into an economic powerhouse which is quickly beginning to provide a return on Nellen’s investment.

Greyfalls at a Glance

In the Realm year 88 an invasion force sent by the Scarlet Empress on an expedition into the Scavenger Lands broke through the Seventh Legion’s defenses and marauded up the length of the Yellow and Meander Rivers. In the end they arrived with only a small fragment of their force remaining at the mouth of the Lesser Rock River. The Seventh Legion was so tied up consolidating their forces and recovering lost ground that they accepted an armistice, and gave the Realm dominion over all the lands east of the Lesser Rock River and west of the Greater Rock.

Satrap: Nellens Rombulac

Legion Commander: General Cathak Kitono

Religious Authority: Sister Cloud Hands

Political Representative: Bretegani Wild Grove

Garrison Commander: Dragonlord Peleps Basiya, 1st Dragon, 23rd Legion

Population: Approximately 55,000 (20,000 Tanu; 11,000 Confederation Natives; 10,000 Nuri; 7,000 Zaranthi; 5,000 Realm Natives; 2000 Miruda; Less than 200 Snakemen)

Exports: Paper, Glass, Crystal, Fine Porcelain, Raw Materials

Major Resources: Hardwoods, Hemp, Cotton, Flax, Cattle, Sheep, Sand, Lead, Kaolin, Clay, Iron Ore

Imports: Finished Goods, Grain

Greyfalls Map

1. Mist Town Plaza- Mist Town Plaza is a large marketplace central to the Mist Town district. It is a common gathering place used by locals. The city’s Mirudan population and Snakemen minority live near here, and are more commonly encountered in Mist Town than in other parts of the city.

2. Nooji Plaza- Nooji Plaza is the central market from which the surrounding district draws its name. It is a common gathering place for the city’s poor, and is commonly known to have more crime on average than the rest of the city.

3. Fallen Lesser Rock River Bridge- The arch of this bridge collapsed some time ago, and it remains one of the few elements of infrastructure that has not been rebuilt by House Nellens. The Great House cites “security reasons” as their motivation for not rebuilding the bridge, fearing raids from the Hundred Kingdoms to the South.

4. Market Plaza- All major and foreign business transactions take place in Market Plaza. Karazhan’s Tea House, located in the Southwest corner of the Plaza is the unofficial headquarters for the local branch of the Guild.

5. Docks- House Nellens shipyards are located here, as well as numerous warehouses and grain silos. Ore shipments destined for Nexus and the Realm are gathered here.

6. Guild Town- This small unofficial town on the Southern shore of the Lesser Rock River is outside of the official borders of Greyfalls and is maintained by a small contingent from the Guild.

7. High Gardens Plaza- This park is a common gathering place for Greyfalls Middle-class population.

8. Victory Plaza- This plaza was built comemorating the Realm’s victory and the establishment of Greyfalls in RY 88. A massive marble statue of the Empress stands here looking out over Canal Gate district.

9. North Gate Plaza- This busy plaza is the main point of contact between the city of Greyfalls and the rest of the territory of Greyfalls.

10. Alder Park- These elaborate hanging gardens were constructed as a place for Greyfalls elite to relax.

11. Imperial Parade Grounds- This massive field is over 500 yards long and is used for Legion training and as a permanent camp for Dragon’s rotating in and out of Greyfalls. The 3rd Dragon is currently camped here awaiting reinforcements.

12. Immaculate Priory and Temple- This priory is the main temple for the Immaculate order in the East.

13. Satrap’s Palace and Government Hall- The second largest structure in Greyfalls is the Satrap’s Palace, where the seat of local government is located.

14. Scintillating River Palace- The largest structure in Greyfalls is this massive palace built as a theoretical vacation home for the Empress, should she ever visit. It enjoys the best view of the water falls in the entire city, and is used as a meeting place for the city’s elite.

Quality of Life

Most citizens of Greyfalls enjoy a moderate to high quality of life thanks mainly to the major investments in Infrastructure made by House Nellens and the Scarlet Empire. On average, Greyfalls is clean, well-maintained, and has a signifigantly lower crime rate than the surrounding Hundred Kingdoms.

However, certain areas within Greyfalls suffer from a signifigantly lower quality of life. In particular, the Nooji Plaza District is much more like other cities in the Hundred Kingdoms than the rest of the city.


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