Exaltation, sometimes reffered to as the Second Breath, is the process of a human being turned into one of the Exalted. In preparation for overthrowing the Primordials, the gods were taught by Autochthon how to Exalt humans so that they might bypass the geas preventing them from disobeying their masters. While similar in results, Celestial and Terrestrial Exaltation occur in very different ways.

Celestial Exaltation

A catch-all term for the Solar, Lunar and Sidereal Exalted—so called because of their patron gods’ celestial nature. Though it’s a bit of a misnomer to group them as such, the Abyssal Alchemical and Infernal Exalted are also often referred to as Celestial Exalted by virtue of being on an equivalent power level. The Celestial Exalted were all created as weapons and servants of the causes of their patrons and are potentially the most powerful beings in all of Creation and beyond. The Exaltation occurs when the Celestial Essence attaches itself to a person’s soul. Those so blessed are chosen for various reasons, but all are Exalted for their capacity to use the Exaltation to it’s fullest. Candidates are chosen by Lytek, the god of Exaltation, based on the criteria below.

  • Solar Exalted are chosen for their heroic nature.
  • Lunar Exalted are taken from those that persevere in the face of adversity and have an indefeasible will to survive.
  • Sidereal Exalted are destined for their Exaltation at birth, based on the stars under which they are born.

Celestial Reincarnation

When a Celestial Exalt dies, the Essence leaves the body and returns to the Lytek’s office, unless otherwise intercepted. He very carefully takes this Essence and prunes away superfluous memories and impressions. Lytek considers himself an artist, however, and so often leaves parts of a previous bearer’s memories attached to the Exaltation. It is not known how quickly these Essences find a new bearer, but it is left up to Storyteller interpretation.

Terrestrial Exaltation

Terrestrial Exaltation is a matter of breeding; those of purer and more powerful blood are more likely to produce offspring that Exalt. As with Celestial Exaltation, Lytek has some control over the process and determines the time and place, usually during adolescence.

Other Types of Exaltation

There are three other types of Exalted, with their own processes of creation and circulation. The Alchemical Exalted are built and granted power by their fellow Autochthonians, according to the ancient plans of Autochthon. The Abyssal Exalted are twisted Solar Exaltations, captured by the Deathlords and corrupted within a Monstrance of Celestial Portion. Finally there are Infernal Exalted, Solar Exaltations tainted to the purposes of the mad Yozis, imbued with the strength and the madness of a demon during the Exaltation process.


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