Calibration is a five-day period at the end of the calendar year. During this time the different worlds are closer to each other than during the rest of the year. Only during this period may Third Circle Demons be summonned, and it is rumored to be a time of ill fortune for all of Creation. For strangers to the Underworld, Essence Respiration is partly possible during this special time.

Carnival of Meeting

The Carnival of Meeting is a great celebration held in Yu-Shan. It happens on the third day of every Calibration, until sunrise the next morning. This carnival may be attended by mortals, spirits and Exalts alike on an equal footing (in an official sense; magical powers still abound). During this time, the Gates of Yu-Shan are flung open and the worthy (or lucky) are allowed to enter select portions of the Heavenly City. Guards at the gates make sure troublemakers are kept out (unless they are bribed).

During the Carnival, the Sonorous Discussion of Virtue continues.


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