Important Dates and Seasons

  • Descending Water, Ascending Earth and Resplendent Earth are the Spring months.
  • Descending Earth, Ascending Wood and Resplendent Wood comprise the growing season.
  • Descending Wood, Ascending Fire and Resplendent Fire are the Summer months.
  • Descending Fire, Ascending Air and Resplendent Air are the Autumn months.
  • Descending Air, Ascending Water and Resplendent Water are the Winter months.
  • Ascending Water is usually the coldest month of the year.
  • Although Descending Fire is a part of the Autumn season, it is typically the hottest month of the year.

Exalted Timeline

This is a concise timeline of the most important events that have taken place in Creation.

Age and Year Event
Age of Man 0 The Primordials are defeated during the Calibration preceding Year 1.
AoM 1 (Ochre Fountain Era) Queen Merela accepts the Crown of Thunders from the Unconquered Sun. Chejop Kejak is born.
AoM 9 Brigid returns to the Ochre Fountain with the secret of sorcery.
AoM 100 The capital of Creation is moved from Rathess to Meru.
AoM 109 The founding of the Solar Deliberative.
AoM 110 (First Deliberative Era) The Deliberative renames Ochre Fountain the Realm.
AoM 121 Autochthon departs Creation.
AoM 639-652 Dissolution Invasion.
AoM 653 (Unfurling Horizon Era) The Deliberative begins its war of expansion against the Wyld.
AoM 1039 Brigid vanishes.
AoM 1107-1215 The Aftershock War where a rogue Primordial returned to make war upon Creation before its demise in 1215.
AoM 1216 (Shining Reflection Era) The beginning of the Shining Reflection Era, which was a renaissance of culture and art for the Exalted.
AoM 1721 Facet Raven becomes the first Solar to die of old age.
AoM 1722-2543 (Thousand Struggles Era) The beginning of the Thousand Struggles Era, where after the Solars discovered that they were not truly immortal, they took the opportunity to cultivate alliances and nurse grudges against each other.
AoM 1807 Ingosh Silverclaws is born.
AoM 2325-2543 (The Time of Cascading Years) The period of time where Creation was broken, which lasted 217 years, 129 days, 11 hours, 43 minutes and 8 seconds.
AoM 2544-3203 (Second Deliberative Era) The Celestial Exalted found a new Deliberative with The Heirophant as its de facto leader.
AoM 3193 I AM is activated.
AoM 3204-3516 (Era of Dreams) The beginning of the last age of the Celestial Exalted prior to the Usurpation.
AoM 3255 Admiral Leviathan is born.
AoM 3366 The Black Nadir Concordat emerges from the Underworld with the secret of necromancy.
AoM 3493 Operation Wyldhand begins, ending in AoM 3494.
AoM 3516-? The Usurpation occurs during Calibration and continues until the vast majority of the Solar Exalted are slain or imprisoned and the Lunar Exalted are driven beyond the borders of Creation.
The Shogunate Era 1-~1400? Following the Usurpation, the Dragon-Blooded ruled over Creation for 70 mortal generations.
The Great Contagion Era Causing the end of the Shogunate Era, a deadly disease is unleashed upon Creation by the heretofore unknown Deathlords killing off almost 90% of the population of Creation. This disease is known as the Great Contagion. It is unknown how long the Great Contagion ravaged Creation. The Fair Folk invade Creation in what becomes known as the Balorian Crusade in the aftermath of the Great Contagion; so named for the Raksha who lead the Crusade, Balor. It is unknown just how long the Balorian Crusade lasted.
Realm Year 1 The Great Contagion ends. A Dragon-Blooded captain and her companions enter what was known as the Sword of Creation in the First Age, the Palace of the Anathema in the Shogunate Era, and what was to become known as the Imperial Manse, activated the Realm Defense Grid and drove the Fair Folk out of Creation, ending the Balorian Crusade. The captain who braved the Imperial Manse crowns herself the Scarlet Empress. The annihilation of the Seven Tigers. The founding of the Realm.
RY 3 The Imperial City is founded
RY 12 Founding of the All-Seeing Eye.
RY 38 Establishment of the first ministries and magistrates.
RY 40 The legions are reestablished.
RY 44 Araka Jeresh, lover of the Scarlet Empress, assassinated by a lovesick suitor.
RY 57 The Realm invades the Scavenger Lands.
RY 69 Imperial forces withdraw from the Scavenger Lands.
RY 75 The Realm invades the Scavenger Lands for a second time.
RY 76 Seventh Legion troops use First Age weapons against the legions of the Realm. Imperial forces withdraw from the Scavenger Lands again.
RY 81 Empress decrees the separation of High and Low Realm.
RY 88 Realm’s last full invasion of the Scavenger Lands.
RY 89 Empress’s Guard destroyed at Melevhil.
RY 99 The Guild is established.
RY 103 Founding of the Deliberative.
RY 114 Assassination attempt on the Empress; founding of the policy of the Thousand Mazy Paths. Empress marries Rawar of Arjuf.
RY 130 Birth of Manosque.
RY 139 Birth of Ragara.
RY 146 Bagrash Köl uses the Eye of Autochthon to build a great kingdom in the North, which surpasses the early Realm.
RY 174 Nine Duchies Banner is raised to the northwest across the Inland Sea. Three legions are sent to crush it.
RY 176 Bagrash Köl destroyed by the Eye.
RY 202 The Thousand Scales reaches its current form.
RY 211 Delzahn Horde conquers Chiaroscuro, offers fealty to the Realm.
RY 223 Relationship finalized with all states along Inland Sea and many well into the Threshold.
RY 227 Nellens taken as consort.
RY 231 Sesus born.
RY 235 Ledaal born.
RY 244 Manosque Viridian uses the Eye of Autochthon in an attempt to stage a coup. He is destroyed by the defenses of the Realm, and his House is put to the sword.
RY 261 Nellen dies.
RY 299 Trae Leng’s Revolt.
RY 301 House Iselsi sponsors a semi-official expedition into the Scavenger Lands, which fails spectacularly.
RY 303 House Iselsi attempts a coup after its unsuccessful adventure in the Scavenger Lands. The attempt is crushed out of hand, and the Iselsi are stripped of most of their possessions and made servants of the Scarlet Throne.
RY 326 Vengeful Harvest uprising.
RY 362 Tepet taken as consort.
RY 364 Barbarian incursions along the northern coast of the Inland Sea repulsed by the Gleaming Fang Legion (formerly the 11th).
RY 369 Birth of Mnemon.
RY 370 Rawar dies.
RY 371 Imperial consort Tepet vanishes.
RY 416 The Guild boycotts trade with the Blessed Isle. The Trade War ensues; resolved in RY 418 as each side recognizes how untenable continued hostilities are. Guild trade items bear an extra tariff for the next two centuries as a result.
RY 422 Elevation of House Nellens.
RY 433 Fire seen in the skies over the Imperial Mountain. Mountain People send emissary to the Empress and return with remarkable gifts, though their delegation had been reduced in number.
RY 465 Unbroken Rushes Rebellion.
RY 550 Treaties renegotiated with Chiaroscuro and other major cities to relax tariffs.
RY 578 War against the Anathema Jochim, which ends in 585.
RY 591 Ragara’s Widows Uprising.
RY 707 Bloodied Scythe Uprising.
RY 748 The Empress supports an underdog in the succession of the city of Thorns in exchange for a cat’s-paw to use against the Scavenger Lands.
RY 752 The forces of Thorns are mauled.
RY 754 The Battle of Mishaka. Armies of Thorns devastated.
RY 763 The Empress vanishes.
RY 764 The Council of the Empty Throne. Armies of Mask of Winters attack and sack Thorns. The Battle of Futile Blood, the Bull of the North slaughters the remainder of the Tepet Legions, under the command of Tepet Arada, in the Valley of Shards.
RY 768 Current day.


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